Selling Your House? – We Can Help

Selling Your House? – We Can Help

How to Get the Highest Price

It’s a buyer’s market and only 40% of Tallahassee homes are selling. House values are down and sellers must be smart if they want to get the highest possible price.

dollarsignThe strategy for getting the highest possible price is to 1) attract lots of buyers and 2) give them what they expect. The more people who see your house, the better your chances of getting the best possible price. If only one person sees your house, the most you’ll get is what that person is willing to pay.

How do you attract lots of buyers? Pricing your house correctly WILL attract attention and in most cases, is more important than advertising. Determining the right price range is an art, not a science. A smart Realtor can help.

Once the buyers flock to your house, make sure they like what they see. Remember that they have lots of choices and they can afford to be selective.

Here is a summary of what today’s buyers expect:

  • Curb appeal sufficient to entice them to come inside.
  • Good condition – no obvious repairs needed.
  • Squeaky clean!
  • Fresh walls and flooring.
  • Pleasant Aroma.
  • Nicely staged for universal appeal.

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Marketing Services that SellHouses

We know how to get your house sold in this market for the highest possible price in the shortest timeframe. We focus on the following services that have proven to be effective in this market:

  • Expert advice to guide you through the entire selling process
  • House advertised in MLS and more than 30 popular internet home search sites
  • Maximum allowable photos on internet search sites
  • Custom color brochures distributed to buyers and Realtors
  • Virtual tour so your house is “open” and looks its best 24/7
  • Free initial staging consultation and reduced rates for staging engagement
  • Realtor sign, lockbox, and custom brochures
  • Information on the market and your competition to help you make informed decisions

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