What is Staging and Why is it Important?

What is Staging and Why is it Important?

Staging is NOT decorating. Staging gives a home universal appeal, while decorating is aimed at pleasing the tastes of one person or family.

Today’s buyers have hundreds of houses to select from and it’s important for your house to stand out from the rest. Buying a home is an emotional purchase, so you want your house to evoke pleasant emotions. Staging can create a visually stimulating atmosphere that helps buyers fall in love while remaining neutral enough to allow them to imagine their own belongings in each room.

Staging can be appropriate even for limited budgets. A professional stager can provide a list of ideas that can be done by the homeowner themselves or with the assistance of the stager. For some homes, a simple rearrangement of furniture is all that’s needed to show their home at its best. In other cases, painting walls a neutral color and adding accessories and/or furniture can give each room a WOW factor.

For vacant homes, strategic placement of furniture in a few rooms may be all that’s needed to help buyers feel at home and envision a good use of awkward spaces.

Here are before and after photos of a living room where staging made a dramatic difference. The result was an offer within a week to a house that had been languishing on the market for months.



Keeping the homeowner’s small budget in mind, the stager suggested that the furniture be rearranged to showcase the fireplace and make the traffic flow into the dining area easier. Other ideas included:

  • Painting the white walls a warm, neutral color to complement the wallpaper in the kitchen area
  • Simplifying what was on the walls and mantle
  • Adding a curtain rod and curtains
  • Placing a large plant beside the TV
  • Bringing some of the color from the kitchen into the living room by colorful pillows and a throw for the couch.

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We know how to get your house sold in this market for the highest possible price in the shortest timeframe. We focus on the following services that have proven to be effective in this market:

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  • Virtual tour so your house is “open” and looks its best 24/7
  • Free initial staging consultation and reduced rates for staging engagement
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  • Information on the market and your competition to help you make informed decisions

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